What drives us ?

Our goal and heartfelt wish is to prove that making money without harming nature, climate and people is as real as can be. Therefore, we seek to establish a chain of sustainable regions around areas that are under severe pressure from non-sustainable activities. The heart of our ACT-to-Protect concept is always a conservation lodge situated in a National Park. Here, people can enjoy wonderful holidays while conserving the national Park at the same time. Or, as we say: Enjoy More, Protect More.

Our main goals. What will we do with your money..

To enhance Tourism development in Kasungu National Park


Educate people to Protect Kasungu National Park


Help start businesses around Kasungu National Park


Design and implement Climate Smart Agricultural Projects


Our Organisation

Act to Protect is a brandname of The Quelccaya Foundation in The Netherlands. This is a non-profit organization with the objective to initiate, fund, support and manage sustainable non or not for profit business worldwide. ACT To Protect maintains taxable subsidiaries for the purposes of entering into business ventures that support the organisation’s mission, our first is Lifupa Conservation Lodge. All profit realized from these subsidiaries are reinvested in the regions we operate and part is directed back to Quelccaya to help support its non-profit activities.

Financial Statements and Policy 

Quelccaya Foundation has cancelled the ANBI status per 1-1-2017. The foundation does no longer accept donations.